Board Members

Abu Belal

Profession: IT Manager
I believe in vision and mission statements of Sanabil Foundation.
Please join us!

Dr. Mohammad Chowdhury
Vice President

Profession: Dentist It is not what you gather but what you scatter. To promote human welfare by empowering underprivileged students academically and (or) vocationally to develop to their fullest potential so they can be economically independent & able to help other underserved students in the communities eventually.

Riyad Chowdhury

Profession: Business
Sanabil Foundation, an international non profit organization aimed to help vulnerable communities. Join us as our mission to alleviate poverty as well as empowering those who are less fortunate through sustainable changes. It is a great opportunity and an honor for me to work with ‘Team Sanabil’.

Mamunur Rashid

Profession: IT Development There will be a moment when no one can help you to hold you back in this world. Once you leave the world nothing will help you except your good deeds and charity. While we are enjoying the blessing in this world, let's share our wealth with the underprivileged to make positive change in the world.

Dr. Rashedul Hasan
Board Member

Profession: Physician Vascular Neurologist Regional Medical Director of Stroke Comprehensive Stroke Center Baylor Scott and White Medical Center, Plano. Goal: Being blessed in this life I envision helping underprivileged people beyond their geographic boundary and irrespective of their cause. Sanabil Foundation has offered me that platform. I am very proud of this team and encourage everyone to be part of this amazing organization by any opportunity you find.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Manirul Hoq Khan

Profession: Physician
Always stand by next to a needy person and support the mission and vision of Sanabil Foundation".

Fuad Laskor

Profession: IT Architect
To support Sanabil Foundation's mission and vision.

Mohammad Forhad

Profession: Business
To support Sanabil Foundation's mission and vision.

Dr. Raquibul Hannan

Profession: Physician
Support mission and vision of Sanabil Foundation.

Regional Directors

Dr. Azizul Islam
Reginal Director, Virginia

Profession: Public Health Scientist
Virginia Department of Health, Virginia.
Being blessed in this life, I would like to help underprivileged by supporting Sanabil mission and vision.


Sanabil Foundation is operated by devoted volunteers like you. We are always in need of your support by any means either financially, physically, or spiritually. Please extend your support according to your means.